Web Design

I specialize in hybrid websites, such as this, that are a good mix of static and dynamic content. I have coded large project such as Wordpress blogs (see CircuitsNCode.design) and a donation management site for a walk-a-thon, but have also coded an enormous amount of smaller projects, including a site for a FIFA league, a file manager, a wishlist website, and many others. No project is too small, so don't hesitate because you think your project is insignificant. I treat all projects with the same care and dedication. If you have a need for any website, small or large, I will do my best to tailor my services to your needs.


Personal graphics have always been a large part of my work. I have made countless desktop backgrounds, logos, watermarks, and t-shirt designs. I work closely with the customer to ensure satisfaction. Projects can be as wild or as tame as you desire. The limit is your imagination.


I can create a variety of miscellaneous graphics products. I can make paintings, murals, color-by-numbers, and much more. I am always willing to try new projects.